Montessori is a teaching methodology inspired and devised by Dr. Maria Montessori. Harcourt Crechee incorporates Montessori methodology and equipment into its pre school educational programme.

“Montessori” is not a system for training children in academic studies but a method of observing and following the interests of children, and continually adapting the environment from which they learn, by means of experimentation and research, what they need to know in order to contribute to society and the environment, and to become fulfilled persons in their particular time and place on Earth.

The Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme (ECCE) is now being used in all pre school settings.

Our aim at this level is to teach the children in a fun way & prepare them for the transition to primary school.

Throughout all of this, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to free play, creative & outdoor activities.

Prices: For those children who are eligable, we are registered with the ECCE Scheme.

Harcourt Creche: 1 Clonmel Street, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Phone: 01 4783361

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