ECCE Scheme

Early Childhood experiences form the building blocks for our children’s future.

Harcout Creche believes that the first five years of life are particularly important to a child’s development. This is when children develop basic learning patterns and abilities that they will use for the rest of their lives.

The introduction of the “free” Pre-school year is a major development in the area of early childhood education. As a universal scheme, it is hoped that all children will be able to benefit from a Pre-school place in this highly important development year before they commence national school.

The Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme (ECCE) provides one year “free” Pre-school education to every child in Ireland aged between 3 years 2 months and 4 years 6 months on 1st September each year.

The ECCE Scheme was announced by the government in April 2009 and was introduced in January 2010. Parents canavail of this ECCE scheme for their children on a 38 week per year basis.

At Harcourt Creche we believe that each child deserves the best possible start and we believe caring and learning go hand-in-hand. We are devoted to providing every child in our care with the very best education and encourage learning in a fun, loving and safe environment.

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What is the ECCE Scheme?
• The ECCE Scheme is a new scheme designed to give children access to free pre school services before attending primary school

• It is important to understand that the free element is limited and relates only to a certain number of hours per day

What additional services are available to parents choosing Option A?
• Outside the provision of classroom activities, Harcourt Creche are happy to provide additional services to parents that include;
◦ Multiple additional hours of daily care
◦ Daily Dinner & Snacks
◦ Arts & Crafts supplies
◦ School trips / outings
◦ School holiday care
◦ Summer holiday care
• Please note parents choosing Option B will receive these services as part of normal care
Who is eligible for the ECCE Scheme?
• Any child who is older than 3 years 2 months (38 months) and younger than 4 years 6 months (54 months) on the 1st September is eligible for the Scheme
Who gets the subsidy?
• The subsidy is paid directly to the childcare operator and not the parent.
What are the Terms & Conditions for the Scheme?
• Direct debit or credit card details are required for all ECCE participants in case supplementary services are availed of throughout the year
• The Scheme is available on a first come first served basis
• Harcourt Creche reserve the right to cancel the Scheme at any time and provide one month’s notice of closure
• Harcourt Creche reserve the right the refuse any application
• Harcourt Creche reserve the right to change the hours or days that the Scheme is being offered to any participants
• No existing customer discounts are applicable to fees under the Scheme
• Any discounts on fees are only on the non ECCE element of the fee

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